Chakra 2 - SET

Set option: 
complete set
restock set (without hanger)
Item no.: CYC30H
Chakra 2 - SET

This set includes:
1 Display Hanger Small silver (Item No: 512S-SIL)
1 Dainty B-Cone Chakra (R817)
1 Circle of Chakra (R818)
1 Chakra Pede (R819)
1 Dainty Chakra Cascade (R820)
1 Chakra Ladder (R821)
1 Chakra Charm (R822)
1 Chakra Flower (R823)
1 Cluster of Chakra (RN013)
1 Mixed Chakra Cascade (R825)
1 Chakra Heart (R826)
1 Chakra Star (R827)



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